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RuiKang Hardware 4 Key Advantage

Company Strength
Passed ISO/TS16949 international quality management system certification, the factory covers an area of 30 mus, there are over ,300 employees, the company has developed an excellent management and technical team, with advanced equipments and Professional production technologies, high efficiency among our teams ensures our superior products to our customers.
Excellent Quality
The company has imported from Japan for the production of various high-precision equipment and testing instruments, execute to inspect itself, Mutual inspection ,final inspection in the production process, and make the quality records.
Professional Techniques
10 years of experiences in precision machining, imported equipment and excellent team, Rapid responses to customers, open the national service phone No.: 0769-82980773, The company can provide one stop service from martial, machining to Finishing at any time.
Perfect Service
Building credibility, the supreme quality, your satisfaction is our pursuit。
Tel:0769-82980772 / 82980773
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         Rui Kang hardware(Dong guan)Co. Ltd (www.dgrkwj.com) covers an area of 20,000 square meters, and employs more than 300 employees,Technical engineering team more than 50,Focus on precision metal products design and manufacturing。
         Rui Kang in manufacturing precision machining and components, the products are mainly applied in such fields: 1. Consumer?Electronics; 2. Automobiles?Precision; 3. Optical Communication; 4. Medical?Devices?; 5. Model Airplane, etc.
         Major manufacturing precision CNC machining center, TSUGAMI automatic lathe, and Inspection equipment include 2.5D projector, Profile tester, and roughness tester, etc. Passed ISO/TS16949:2009 in 2011.After machining processing we can provide Grinding, polishing, plating, sand blasting, brush finishing, spraying ,anodizing coloring, According to the customer's different technical for special products.
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Tel:0769-82980773 0769-82980772 Fax:0769-82980771
Add:Hengli Town.Tian tou Bei chong industry zone ,Dongguan city
Main Business: Precision metal processing,Consumer Electronics accessories ,Automoniles accessories,Optical communication,Medical Devices accessories and Model airplan accessories
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